Roman Holiday

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Covering 2,000 years of history in two days in sun drenched Rome the holiday club visit the Eternal City during the 150 year celebrations of the unification of Italy.

In the grip of an unexpected heat wave while the Romans seek out shade Andrew, Kim, Micky, Sue and Christine do what the English do best and go out in the midday sun to see ancient, medieval and modern Rome.

4 responses to “Roman Holiday

  1. Andrew,

    Just two paras today!

    Why the brevity?



  2. yea! why so short, are ye running out of steam? Did the heat get to you? Where is the British stamina?

    I expected to read what you all did, maybe that is tomorrows’ blog!


    • Hi there! It was supposed to be a link to my holiday photograph album on but it didn’t work. I have corrected it now. Thanks for alerting me. Andrew


      • Thanks Dai

        Stray dogs are not such a problem in Athens these days because many of them were rounded up pre 2004 Olympic Games. The male dogs were castrated before being returned to the streets after the games – the hope being that the breeding problem will resolve itself!

        Another interesting fact about MM was that in 1981 she became the first female Minister for Culture in Greece and she conceived and proposed the programme of the European Capital of Culture in 1983. It was implemented by the EU 2 years later!



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