Greece 2011, Paros and Paroikia Old Town

Paros Greek Fishermen Aegean Sea

“What is the secret of its charm – the feeling of restful ease it gives you while you navigate those dazzling white streets punctuated with whole balconies and bowers of flowers in bloom?”                                                                                      Lawrence Durrell

The narrow cobbled streets invited exploration and as we walked around some led to surprises and others led to nowhere in particular but all around were white washed walls, blue doors and fences and fading menu boards and the place was filled with the familiar smells of the Greek Islands, heavy incense from behind the church doors, fresh lamb moussaka from the tavernas and Tide washing powder spilling out through the open doors and windows of the houses where people went about their daily chores.

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7 responses to “Greece 2011, Paros and Paroikia Old Town

  1. So a slobber a day will bring the healing my way?


  2. Resourcefully intermingled elements of realistic representations and factoids.
    Panagia Ekatontapyliani or Katopoliani,actually,not one church but a complex of churches and chapels,is not an exception to the rule,also built on a pre-Christian temple.Not unusual at all,to see ancient fluted columns and their capitals to be part of the constructions of the new Orthodox Basilika or Byzantine churches all over Greece.
    Regarding onomatology and Ekatontapyliani or Katopoliani,there are discordant views.
    The legend that you so faithfully narrated holds water,yet, there is one more theory which is quite logical .Katopoliani,a corrupted ,compound word from the term ‘Katapola’ which means Kata =towards and pola,polis=city, that is,it indicated where the ancient city of Paros was.
    Superfluous theories and words in a soporific atmosphere… you will tell me my friend.I loved the definition ‘soporific’, Andrew and also gladly greeted your remorseful decision on Paros image.You liked it ,I liked your Paros rhapsody.

    PS : My name,Doda,short for … ( it is a long name and story,has some connections with Panagia Katopoliani or Ekatontapyliani,not apparent, though…


  3. Hmm. This morning I was aware of smells and sounds as I read your post. Lovely.


  4. We stayed on Paros for a week once and I fell in love with the island. Will never forget the flight out of Athens on a miniscule plane, flying low over the islands, then passport control- a small shed manned by one person. I expect it’s changed now.


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