Greece 2011, Swimming With Sharks and Greek Australians

Paros Souvenir Drift Wood Boat

After the shortest of refreshment breaks our next stop was the beach which was just a stone’s throw from the hotel so we collected our swimming essentials and found a spot we liked on the sand, stripped down to our bathing costumes and paddled out into the inviting silky water. .

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3 responses to “Greece 2011, Swimming With Sharks and Greek Australians

  1. Good morning Andrew,
    I have just written this up for my latest Daigressing, which I will be mailing out to you this weekend (and to any readers of yours who might be interested who want to email me to go on my mailing list!). Please see it here, below my signature.

    And staying with Andrew Petcher: he has just returned from a holiday in the Greek Islands.

    I was taken by this account of an incident he observed in a restaurant:

    A trio of young (Australian) girls were persuaded to take the table next to ours and after a while the waiter came to take their order. ‘Can I get you something to drink’ he purred and then looked perplexed when they asked for three glasses of tap water! He came back after a few minutes with the order and directed them to the food menu. One of them took a while to decide and then made her selection– ‘I’d like a lettuce and tomato salad please’, the waiter must have thought this was the starter and waited for a further choice to complete the meal but after a pause she added without batting an eyelid – ‘without the tomato!’ He was totally baffled now and just repeated ‘a lettuce and tomato salad without the tomato?’ ‘Yes please’ she confirmed, ‘I’ll have extra lettuce instead’. I wonder what they made of that in the kitchen?

    And straight away I thought of one of the greatest scenes I can recall from a zillion visits to the cinema I have made in my life. I refer to the “chicken salad sandwich” scene in Bob Rafelson’s 1970 film, Five Easy Pieces.

    In some ways the movie was a disappointment, but this scene lasting 1 minute 42 seconds is simply MESMERISING.

    But I submit that it is not the performance of the marvellously charismatic Jack Nicholson that makes this scene: it is the extraordinary performance of the relatively little known (outside of American TV series) actress Lorna Thayer, as the diner waitress. Gosh, she was 51 and close to washed-up when this film was released: but – excuse the pun – she was able to dine out on the success of this scene for years to come, and it got her lots of additional work she would probably never have had. She died 6 years ago aged 86. Lorna was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease five years before her death. At the time she was living at the Motion Picture and Television Fund retirement establishment in Woodland Hills, California.

    To set the scene: Nicholson and his current partner have picked up two female hitch-hikers and have stopped for something to eat.

    Then, I suggest you light the blue touch paper, and stand well back!


  2. You know Andrew sometimes when people write travel blogs they get weighed down by facts and figures and then it gets boring …… it’s like have a geography lesson,….. but yours is completely different.
    It is a joy to read and I love the way you write with such easy phrases and you make things understandable. What you tell is a story and it is so enjoyable.
    Thank you so much my friend. Where do we go next? Have you lost your other companions? maybe only you and Kim went on holiday this time!


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