Greece 2011, Paros to Amorgos

Greek Ferry Artemis in Paros

“The flavour of the place is pleasant and alert, as you gaze over the rail (of the ferry) you may have a Byronic twinge of nostalgia and decide that one day you might return to settle among those mazy streets and silent dusty squares.”  Lawrence Durrell

We had to set the alarm today because there was an early ferry at half past nine so we woke, packed and went downstairs to be the first on the breakfast terrace.  After several cups of tea and an above average continental breakfast we paid up, said goodbye and rejecting the offer of transport walked to the port.  Turning down the lift was something we quickly regretted because the pavement was uneven, our bags were heavy and even though it was early it was already quite hot.

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5 responses to “Greece 2011, Paros to Amorgos

  1. I am not normally a ‘fan’ of travel blogs because they are usually quite boring with just plain travel facts but as I have said before… yours is quite different. You write so easily, with humour that reading your post is not only a pleasure to read of your travels but also what you did , and how you did it.

    You tell it warts ‘n all, and I really do enjoy what I read


    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. As you spotted it was only Kim and I on this adventure to the Greek islands, our friends join us a couple of times a year on shorter breaks! Good news about Stumpy!


  2. This takes me back! We did quite a few ferry hopping holidays before our 21 year old came along. I used to admire the families that travelled with cat, dog and 3 children but we never quite had that courage. We progressed to the Italian Lakes (it’s still water!)
    Still I have abiding memories of a hazy day just gazing out across the water from a stripey awninged cafe on Naxos. And many more. I’m loving your blog- thank you


  3. A real enjoy !
    Nevertheless,I wouldn’t like to start again writing laudable comments on your exceptional writing style and your detailed narrations.Please allow me only to mention how much I enjoyed the : arrived at what is euphemistically described as the departure gate LOL ! …. and the so magnificent : punctuated with Cycladic churches … !!!!!!!


  4. I’ll be taking the exact same journey ( Paros to Amorgos) on the Artemis next month, and enjoyed reading about your journey. Thanks for sharing it…very well written, and is an encouragement for me to now start to write my own blog.
    Tom Twice


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