Greece 2011, Amorgos and Egiali

Egiali Amorgos Cylcades Greece

In the middle of the village we came across a curious shop and when I peaked inside the gloomy interior an old man invited us in.  It was a sort of workshop and he explained to us that he was the village carpenter, the village hardware store, liquor supplier and barber!  He obligingly showed us around and explained the family pictures hanging on the walls and invited me to have a haircut but I respectfully declined when I saw the age and condition of the clippers!

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2 responses to “Greece 2011, Amorgos and Egiali

  1. I am not sure whether to be sympathetic for Kim having to walk the stony path or for you putting up with the moans and groans…

    Maybe I’ll stick with Kim because it was your choice to walk instead of using the bus.

    The house in Spain where we lived were all painted white by law. Apparently if you wanted a different colour you had tp apply to the council and as I never saw a coloured house I assume that permission was refused.

    I loved your post Andrew, thank yoi for sharing it with me….


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