Greece 2011, The Boat Souvenir Project and Wasting Precious Water

Amorgos Greece Little Cyclades

Lagadha was a wonderful place full of sights and sounds to provide a satisfying Greek fix, a braying donkey resting in the shade who seemed to strongly object to having its picture taken, two outrageously gay Italian men arguing theatrically with each other about which directions to take back to the car park and a fish delivery van and a driver who announced its arrival in the village by blowing loudly on a conch shell.

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5 responses to “Greece 2011, The Boat Souvenir Project and Wasting Precious Water

  1. I love your travelling is like being there in person. I am so pleased that you agreed to return on the bus, which is itself an experience. It easier walking down though than walking up but I reckon that Kim would not have been too pleased about it.
    Are we to see a picture of this finished boat made from driftwood? I do hope so.
    As for sink plugs, in the UK you can get a universal sink plug that is supposed to fit every sink hole. So maybe as part of your travel luggage it would be an idea to buy one.they still leak but not as much
    It is the same here in BG, sinks are sold but not with plugs unless you remember it


  2. Some humor and sarcasm here, Andrew. Quite unusual of you.


  3. Really gorgeous photos of the boat prow – very evocative! J


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