Greece 2011, Sick, Suicidal or just Anti-Social

Greek Hotel Rules

This year in our hotel room on the island of Amorgos I was amused to find in the guest information folder a helpful copy of the Regulations, Article 8 of the Law 1652/30-10-86 which is a list of rules associated with renting a room.  These made amusing reading and these extracts were the pick of the bunch:

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One response to “Greece 2011, Sick, Suicidal or just Anti-Social

  1. [Sunday morning and dashing off this note at half-time in the rugby.]

    Yes Andrew, that is some hotel you stayed in!

    I can’t beat it for the sheer volume of “don’ts” you encountered, though a small guest house I once stayed in on a trip to Fowey, runs it close.

    My best memory of a prohibitive sign was one I came across years ago in France. Indeed, I started off this review with it!



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