Greece 2011, Amorgos – Egiali to Katapola

Amorgos Chora

After a second breakfast on the terrace and several cups of tea we packed our bags and went for a last walk into the pretty village of Egiali and rechecked the bus timetable just to be sure that there wasn’t an alternative schedule on a Sunday.  There wasn’t and I knew that already but I checked anyway, it’s a bit like that thing that English people do when they get on a bus or a train and even though they know the answer they ask the destination several times of different people just to be absolutely certain.

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3 responses to “Greece 2011, Amorgos – Egiali to Katapola

  1. Nice stuff Andrew.
    Can’t fault it.
    But if I had one wish granted by you, it would be for each posting to contain a rough hand-drawn map of the relevant island, showing your movements.
    And there would also be a reproduced professional map showing the islands and their geographical relationship to each other.

    Now, were someone to ask that of ME, I would tell them to go forth and multiply.

    But that is because I lack any semblance of your considerable gifts with computers!

    Hope to play you squash tomorrow.

    Be at my house at 9am please.



  2. I love your time maybe I could fit in your suitcase????

    I have a friend who writes a travel blog as he goes all over the world , he is a professional marathon runner.. but his blog is no where near as good and as interesting as yours. Maybe I should suggest he reads yours.

    Your broadband MUST be better than ours which is nil… only a dongle or a home box..that is the choice.

    love P


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