Greece 2011, Amorgos to Koufonisia

The Corner Taverna Amorgos Greece

After breakfast I walked again to the ferry booking office but there was still no real news about the Express Skopelitis so we reprised our debate about the itinerary.  We could skip Koufinisia altogether and go directly to Ios or we could spend an extra night on the small island, reschedule our dates at Homer’s Inn and reduce the stay in Antiparos from three nights to two.  We went through the various combinations but it became too difficult and in an indecisive way confirmed that we would just go to Koufonissia as planned.

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3 responses to “Greece 2011, Amorgos to Koufonisia

  1. oooh Andrew, caught with your pants down eh! LOL…no photographs though!

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I thought that you always were , but anyway thank you….

    In love your description of your adventures, I love the way and style of your writing. It is not only informative but so easy to read.
    I do hope that you did not make Kim climb the hills to get to the untidy beach!!!


  2. Good morning Andrew,
    Personally, in the days when I had a libido, I used to love sleeping with girls with a piebald/skewbald appearance. As they exposed the non-suntanned sections, I always got the impression that these were the areas they had deliberately kept away from public gaze and kept strictly for me.


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