Greece 2011, Ios to Antiparos

Ios Greece Cyclades

Although we were travelling to Antiparos today the ferry wasn’t due to leave until very late afternoon so we had most of the day ahead of us to spend on Ios.  After our final breakfast with more delicious figs we packed our bags in preparation for later departure and then walked to the harbour.

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3 responses to “Greece 2011, Ios to Antiparos

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  2. I thought there was an EU ruling banning smoking in restaurants..maybe like Spain they thought that it did not apply them..let us hope that sooner or later it will be enforced..then we can all enjoy our meals in peace.


    • I agree. In Spain they just flount the rules and light up. In fact small bars can opt out altogether from the smoking ban if instead they ban children under 18, but this rarely happen either. In Greece they get around it by having what are really inside rooms designated as outside because there is no roof on then. The worst place I can remember was in Palermo where even the chef was smoking whilst preparing the meals! So, is smoking banned in Bulgaria?


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