Greece 2011, Antiparos

Kastro Antiparos

The hotel Kastro was excellent, we had stayed there before and had requested the same room but the owner insisted on upgrading us at no extra cost to a superior room and we were not going to argue with that!

In the morning we had an excellent breakfast under a swaying gazebo in the garden where we planned a leisurely day in and around the village and the beaches.

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3 responses to “Greece 2011, Antiparos

  1. you live and learn…i never knew that about Blue… That could possibly be why the protective images sold in Turkey are all blue, blue bracelets and blue necklaces…well I’ll be blowed!

    Once again a great post..well done Andrew


  2. My eyes fell upon this, line Andrew:
    “Anti-Paros felt very cosmopolitan and with no riff-raff about it felt just a little bit special.”

    No doubt it is my perception that is askew, not yours.

    But give me the cheerfully vulgar underclass at Benidorm any time, before the nouveau riche at Monte Carlo or Portofino!

    Pop in for a cup of tea in the morning.



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