Doors and Windows

Amorgos Door

My favourite doors are in the Cyclades where, next to the white that we all associate with the islands, the prevailing colour is blue. It turns out that this isn’t just because it is a favourite of the people who live there or that the local hardware store simply overstocked and sold it off cheap in a clearance sale, the widespread use emanates from an ancient belief that the sky-blue shade of turquoise has the power to keep evil away. It is believed that the radiation of the colour composes a sort of invisible shield, which prevents the approach of bad spirits.

Greek Doors 2016 (3)Greek Door 2016 (1)Greek Doors 2016 (2)

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3 responses to “Doors and Windows

  1. when I went to Turkey I bought an ‘evil eye’ that was blue with a white eye which kept evil away. I had it for quite some time until last year when it feel from its hook and broke…do you think that means bad luck~


  2. I meant where it fell not feel..silly me!


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