France, Rugby World Cup Celebrations in Beziers

Canal du Midi Beziers

After the refreshment break in Carassonne we walked around a little more but we were soon going over the same ground and revisiting streets from an hour or so before so in the late afternoon we left La Cité by the main drawbridge gate and walked back over the Pont Vieux to the car park because ahead of us we had a sixty-kilometre drive to the city of Beziers where we would be our base now for three nights.

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5 responses to “France, Rugby World Cup Celebrations in Beziers

  1. Parlez-vous Francaise Andrew?

    J’m appel Patrecia
    That’s about as far as I can go …. another great trip and more adventures..


  2. Great article. I wish I could travel more .. and more…


  3. Have you travelled on the Canal du Midi at all Andrew? It’s always been on my list together with Avignon and the Camargue, but is a bit expensive for couples.


    • It went on my to do list when I watched Rick Stein & French Odyssey. I am pleased that I have seen some of it, we started to think and talk about a cruise along it but we didn’t get as far as looking at prices.


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