France, The Camargue

Arles France

So we sat in the warm sunshine finished our drinks and then returned to the car, left Arles and made our way into the Camargue.

The Camargue is a special place not only in France but in all of Europe and it is another of those places that I have always wanted to see.  It is a triangular area lying on the coast between the Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence and is a river delta where the River Rhône meets the sea – a marshy island bounded by two branches of the Rhône and the Mediterranean.

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7 responses to “France, The Camargue

  1. They do say the this is one of the most beautiful parts of France, and from your post it would certainly seem so…
    I am waiting for Morocco!


  2. Very cool post, my friend!


  3. We are heading here next month. We will be staying in the Luberon for 1 month and I can’t wait to explore this area.
    Cool blog, enjoying your posts.


  4. Beautiful! I’d love to holiday in that part of France in the future. The country is simply stunning and there is just too much to see. We were in the South of France last summer. Our original plan was to also spend part of the holiday in The Camargue but we felt that we have to save that for another time. France will be our destination in the years to come…


    • We liked this part of France but at the end of the holiday we both agreed that we preferred the towns and cities of central Spain and the reasons: 1 The Plaza Mayor in the Spanish towns, 2 Tapas, 3 Restaurant prices and 4 less dog poo on the pavements. A few years ago I went to Cahors and that was nice. For the last two years we have been to northern France and I think I prefer that to the south. Most English tourists drive straight through on their way to the south and they miss all that it has to offer.


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