France, French Icons – Madame Liberty and McDonalds

Madame Liberty

After breakfast at the Hotel des Poetes we walked into Béziers on a rather chilly morning to visit the market hall which had been closed the day before.  It was a typical French town market hall next to the Hôtel de Ville in the centre of the city and this early hour it was not yet particularly busy.

Our last market visit had been to the Varvakios Agora in Athens which had been a delightfully chaotic affair but this was much more orderly and the stalls were laid out to perfection much like the one in La Rochelle which we had visited a couple of years before.  We couldn’t realistically buy anything of course and take it back in our hand luggage so we stayed just long enough to get our ‘market fix’ and then we returned to check out of the hotel.

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6 responses to “France, French Icons – Madame Liberty and McDonalds

  1. Andrew,
    I rarely frequent them here in McDonaldsville (my name for Grimsby!), but the great thing about McDonalds outside the UK, is the fact they have decent loos.
    Something especially important in France!



  2. In countries like France, Greece, Italy where there is traditional food McDonalds does not have a great success. I am very surprised when Americans are coming to Greece for the first time and they are looking for a McDonald store!


    • They probably don’t realise that they need to go to Goodies. I was really surprised by how McDonalds there were in France. It’s disappointing that almost everwhere I go there is a McDonalds. Thank goodness for the Greek Islands!


  3. I remember seeing long queues at McDonalds in Paris and was really surprised as the French are so proud of their culinary tradition and fast foods are a no-no.

    I’m not a big fan of McDonalds but I am at times coaxed to go there by hubby and daughter. I guess the big fans of McDonalds are men and children. Correct me if this observation is not true…


    • I’d probably agree with your assessment, I stopped going to McDonalds when my children were grown up. When I visited Carcassonne in 2003 they persuaded me to eat in McDonalds and I vowed I would never eat there again when I was away. Kids love it but as for men – sadly it seems a place for ‘Saturday Dads’.


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