Morocco, Riad Layali Fez

Morocco Fez

We travelled to Fez with Ryanair on a late afternoon flight and I am certain that they have crammed in even more seats onto the aircraft because there was barely enough room to turn the pages of an A5 book let alone a broadsheet newspaper that they sold me so I tried to sleep and managed this for about an hour of the three and a half hour flight and after that had to try and amuse myself as best as possible for the rest of the cramped ordeal.

The landing at Fez airport  was delayed but there was no explanation for this but at least Ryanair couldn’t play their ‘arrived on time’ fanfair’.  When we stepped from the plane at about half past seven we were greeted with an unexpected chill blast which cut through our clothing into our flesh and meant that we had to turn our jacket collars up and button up our coats against the wind because the temperature was dangerously close to zero and even though it was December this surprised us.

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7 responses to “Morocco, Riad Layali Fez

  1. Always wanted to stay in a Riad- I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of them. Better take my earplugs I guess or not sleep on my deaf side!


  2. Don’t get too mad at the muezzin.
    The demented pealing of the St Giles (Scartho, Grimsby) church bells, just 6 doors away, at 11pm on Christmas Eve, woke Larissa and myself, just after settling down to our slumbers.
    Sooner we can abolish the darned things in Britain, the better.
    Mind you, if they were CARILLON bells playing Welsh hymn tunes, I might be at least a TAD more sympathetic!
    Thank God that last night (New Year’s Eve), the blighters were silent.
    Both Larissa and myself were both counting the zeds as the “Auld Lang Syne mass insincerity moment” arrived.
    Indeed, I am proud to say that the last New Year that I “saw in” was … wait for it …
    … in

    1969 !!

    Kindest, (and a Happy New Year to you both – Kim and Andrew – and to your readers)
    Dai Woosnam


  3. Great blog as always, Andrew! Fez and Marrakech are still dream destinations for me. I’d like to see those souks and sample the local dishes.


  4. I have been to Marakech and had the greatest time there. It is an exotic place with beautiful culture, beautiful people and strange food; Loved it.

    Thanks again for sharing Andrew.


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