Morocco, Three Cities and a Day of Sightseeing

Fez Morocco

Considering the amount of rain that had fallen the previous evening and all through the night I wasn’t terribly optimistic when I woke next morning and went to check the weather as a basis for some important decision making about the day ahead but unexpectedly there had been a complete transformation and the sky was big and blue and the sun was shining again as I surveyed the view from the sun terrace at the top of the Riad.

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6 responses to “Morocco, Three Cities and a Day of Sightseeing

  1. Great post, Andrew! I love those makeshift stalls selling local produce. We have them as well in the Philippines and I will always stop and check out what I can buy. I also love your picture of the ruins. Perfect capture with those beautiful clouds that seem to hover over the ruins.


    • Thanks. Yes, they are surprisingly random and often unexpected. Unfortunately (perhaps?) we don’t have them in the UK because of street trading regulations, I expect it is the same in the Netherlands?


      • Malou Prestado

        There are some enterprising farmers that sell their flowers, fruits, potatoes when in season but not in the same scale as in other countries outside Europe I guess.


  2. I never really any bad luck as well when I travel, weather-wise. Just thought of it after reading the post.

    There is an assignment to Morocco for next month for my job but I didn’t get to be a part of it.


  3. This is a great post. I have been to Morocco but didn’t get a chance to visit Moulay Idriss sadly. My favourite spot was Les Cascades d’Ouzoud – I love waterfalls and those are spectacular. How much longer are you spending in Morocco?


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