Morocco, The Souks of Meknes

The Souk of Meknes Morocco

The journey from Moulay Idriss to the UNESCO World Heritage city Meknes took about thirty minutes and when we arrived in the city Abdul stopped first at a lay-by on the edge of the city with a panorama of the city.  The word panorama makes it sound picturesque or interesting but I have to say that from here it didn’t look terribly exciting at all, just very similar to Fez with a jumble of off-white concrete box buildings and a forest of satellite dishes and TV aerials.

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4 responses to “Morocco, The Souks of Meknes

  1. Love the colours and smells in souks (butchers and fish apart!)
    I liked your previous header Andrew but a change is nice sometimes and this has a good look to it.
    Are you going ahead with the A-Z of Greece? Haven’t spotted anything yet. There are two sites to register on and a Facebook page now too due to some much better-organised folk than me.


    • Thanks for the comment. I am working on the Greece A to Z – it wasn’t as straightforward as I imagined it to be because some of the translation proved tricky. Nearly there now and have a subject for almost all 24 letters!


  2. Such crowds of people around all the time, it seems. I don’t know if I could get used to that but the colours are so vibrant; that wouldn’t be a problem. Another lovely tour. Thanks.


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