Morocco, The Souks of Fez

Fez Souk Morocco

For our final day in Fez we felt confident enough to look after ourselves and manage without the services of a guide so after breakfast we left the Riad and walked in the direction (or what we thought was the direction) of the souk where our plan was to see the sights that we hadn’t seen a couple of days before when Hussein had taken us on the unexpected shopping tour.

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8 responses to “Morocco, The Souks of Fez

  1. I can smell it, the peppers, the herbs, the spices and the dirt! it brings back wonderful memories of two holidays spent in Morocco..I would love to go back of the few places that I would ever return to


    • Thanks Patrecia. This was my second visit to Morocco and I don’t know if it was because of the recent troubles in Arab North Africa but it wasn’t nearly so welcoming in 2011 as it was in 2010, sometimes it was even down right aggresive so don’t think we will go back for a while.


  2. This is a wonderful narrative! Taking a walk on your own seemed to attract a lot of attention by would-be guides. Yet it is now part of your memories. Great post!


  3. Wow…I was totally absorbed in your story and photos. What an experience! Thanks for sharing!
    The market traders calling out to you reminded me of the San Lorenzo market in Florence. Noisy, yelling and grabbing at me..I felt under attack also. It was the only time I felt uncomfortable in Florence.


  4. Love your detail writing Andrew, so many useful tips and information. Great work.


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