My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 4

Dash for an early morning ferry from Koufonisia

When queuing in a Greek line it is essential to stay as close to the person in front (even if they are a pickpocket) because if you leave as little as a centimetre of space from the person in front then someone will interpret this as an opportunity to push in.  The Greeks see queuing as a waste of time and an inconvenience and dislike it almost as much as the French and I have concluded that one thing’s for sure is that if there was an event at the Olympic Games for queuing then Greece and France would be an almost certainty for the final!

5 responses to “My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 4

  1. Hi,
    That is unreal. Here in Australia we just take queuing as something that we have to do when at the supermarket, or post office or whatever, it is part of our lives really, and we just wait our turn. (or most anyway 🙂 )
    Isn’t it funny how things are so different in many different countries..


  2. Geez, how do they get anywhere without being trampled, bruised of end up with a fist in the face? Orderly lining up is more efficient, wouldn’t you agree?


  3. I know that’s frustrating. But, when you get through, with still money in your pocket, it’s quite an adventure.



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