My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 9

Feral Cat at Fiskardo on Kefalonia

One thing for sure is that Greece has more than its fair share of cats and it is almost impossible to have a meal at a pavement taverna without a feline or two as a dining companion.  The Greek islands in particular are overrun with cats and they are fed by kind hearted tourists during the summer months.  The breeding potential of cats is phenomenal and if an average female produces three litters of four kittens annually and the female kittens go on at the same rate the result is about five thousand cats from a single breeding female in four years

“These cats, that are domestic cats, are not abandoned, neither wild, they live for centuries with the humans. The Greek people of these islands like them without really liking them, they take care of them without really taking care of them; but they accept them totally. These cats are part of daily life, they’ve always been here, like the wind, the sun, the sea, the day and the night.”

Les Chats du Soleil, La Martinière, 1993 by photographer Hans Sylvester

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7 responses to “My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 9

  1. I love the door! And I love cats… when living in Abu Dhabi for 3 years I took 2 of them in (they will be with me the rest of their lives) and took many, many to the vets for a spay or neuter and then released them back in their territory. They can easily live in harmony with us and I never saw rodents around my building 🙂


  2. I am a cat lover. His ears are adorable!


  3. The photograph in the page topper (banner?) is drop-dead gorgeous!


  4. Lovely post, Andrew! And I just love that picture with the cat.


  5. I love this photo!


  6. Oh…that photo, superb.


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