My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 16

There followed an excellent meal of traditional Greek plates and interesting conversation, first with an elderly couple from Hunstanton who visit Symi every year and then a couple of walkers who gave us some tips on trails and sights.  We shared our whinging story about the accommodation and lamented the lack of air conditioning in the room.  They were sympathetic but he explained that he found it easier to sleep without this modern comfort and tried to reassure us that if we kept the windows open then we were sure to be nice and comfortable regardless.

Three hours later and stewing in our own sweat in temperatures of over 30º centigrade in an inappropriately pine paneled bedroom I was fairly certain that Kim did not entirely agree!  And to make matters worse, sleeping with the windows open simply invited the mosquitoes to drop by and  we discovered that the problem with lying on top of the sheets with no clothes on meant that we were laid out like an all-you-can-eat buffet table for creepy-crawlies.  I don’t like all-you-can-eat buffets much myself because I invariably overload the plate and eat too much and the mosquitoes suffered from the same lack of self restraint because in the morning Kim was suffering from fifteen irritating bites.  I had only a couple and considering how many Mythos I had drunk the previous day took pleasure from imagining that the little blighter that got me would most likely be suffering from a monster hang-over!

7 responses to “My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 16

  1. Looks good enough to be a commercial. Great shot.


  2. Hi,
    Good photo. 🙂


  3. That looks like a lovely long cool drink


  4. Nice picture and great story, specially of the hangover 🙂


  5. Ah, Mythos. Yiamas!


  6. Lookat that glass sweating in the heat. Fab picture.

    I guess you’re right about the mosquito. Must have some headache. lol


  7. Can’t wait the summer!!!!


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