My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 19

Rain stopped Play!

In the Greek Islands the weather is usually reliably warm and sunny but as though to remind us not to be complacent sometimes it can rain…

In 2009 in Folegandros the weather was so miserable that there was little to stay in the Chora for so we left and walked back and as we did so it started to rain.  Only very gently at first but by the time we arrived back at the hotel in the port it was hard enough to make us shelter in our room.  Then the situation got even worse because the only shop was closed for the siesta and so was the hotel bar so we were stuck in the room all afternoon without any alcohol!  It rained for nearly three hours and by four o’clock I swear the temperature dropped somewhere close to zero!  Finally it stopped and it started to brighten but there was still no sign of the sun and there were still dark and scowling clouds advancing from the east but at least we could see Sikinos again as the shroud of mist began to lift.

On account of the weather Folegandros was a bit of a disappointment that visit but unlike the previous year at least the ferries were running and there would be problem getting to Ios the next day.

Later the rain returned, which wasn’t a big surprise but at least we had wine now and later we caught the bus for the second time today up to the Chora and on the way we glimpsed a sliver of blue sky but before long the rain came sweeping back in.  We ate at the same table at the same taverna that was luckily under cover because the main square was a sad place tonight with usually lively tables all empty and getting a thorough soaking.  What is usually a colourful vibrant place was wet and dreary and the rain continued to fall.  Eventually we could no longer justify occupying the table when other people needed food and shelter so we paid and left but there was an hour to kill before the bus was scheduled to return to the port.

We found a bar that was full of local people watching the quarter-final of a championship basketball match and it was all very noisy and excitable because it was close to the end and Greece were beating Germany and looked as though they were going through to the semi-finals.  Eventually they won 75-69 and then it was time to go.  On the bus journey back the heavens opened and there was an electrical storm to entertain us.  Back at Karavostassis it was absolutely chucking it down and by the time we got back to the room we were thoroughly soaked.  I had had quite enough of Folegandros and was actually glad to be leaving the next day.

10 responses to “My Favourite Pictures of the Greek Islands – 19

  1. Hi,
    What a shame the weather was so bad, it’s not very nice going somewhere that is usually very nice and being stuck inside.


  2. When we were on the north coast of Crete we were jailed in the hotel – complete with wine – for a dreary three days of rain, so headed back to Heraklion. There is so much to do when the weather is fine – and when it’s wet – lying in bed and drinking wine seems like the only option 😀


  3. That is a shame…stuck in a room with no alcohol. If I go there, I’ll bring my flasks 🙂 Sorry the rain ruined the experience.


  4. I just can’t get over the unending color, Color, COLOR!


  5. what month was that? In October 2009 they had a storm so bad that my husband couldn’t walk from his car to our front door (we lived in Karavostasis so could park right outside) and he had to sit in the car for hours hahaha.


  6. At least you got to join in the excitement with the locals (watching championship basketball). Wasn’t that uplifting being in on that?

    Like another commentor mentioned, I can’t over the colour either.


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