Tulips to Amsterdam, Is It Holland or the Netherlands?

Rotterdam from the North Sea

I slept well for most of the crossing but woke early with a digestive system groaning under the weight of the unexpected quantity of food that I had forced into it at the eat all you can buffet and then I remembered that at the time of purchase that we had got carried away and had also paid up for an all you can eat breakfast as well and that was something I didn’t really need right now less than eight hours after the previous feast.  

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22 responses to “Tulips to Amsterdam, Is It Holland or the Netherlands?

  1. Interesting….. I’ve always been a bit confused about the Holland/Netherlands distinction. Thanks for clearing that up. Was hoping you’d answer that first question in your quiz, but you’re provided the nudge I needed to look it up.
    Nice post!


  2. Great post Andrew-wow what memories for me- my mother is Dutch, Me and my twin sister spent many a summer holiday with my Auntie Aaltje on the Achterburgwal in Amsterdam, my sister used to ask my Auntie why there were all these women sitting in front of windows with hardly any clothes on, which got a response “i´ll tell you when you´re a little older”!I I worked in Rotterdam as a welder for a time-did´nt like it-Rotterdam that is!
    My Mum-(still here) always said the Dutch have a reputation for not spending money if at all possible and here in Spain where there are thousands of them i have to agree with her, ha,ha, I explained the phrase “Dutch Oven” to her- she thought it was hilarious-“dead right” she say´s! Oh and by the way it´s Nederland not Netherlands-just joking!


  3. A good post Andrew. If it is the Netherlands should it not have a capital T or is it Netherlands? I must admit we list the country on our website under N as Netherlands.


  4. Language- Dutch and Frisian

    Color – Orange (soccer colors!)

    Capital of S.H. – The Hague

    Love your posts!


  5. Talk about confusing! I never knew that. And I thought Quebec (which has been fighting for independence since Noah was a baby) in Canada was confusing to outsiders. They are still not though; only a separate province.

    Another fact-filled and interesting post, Andrew. Thanks.


  6. I got two out of three, didn’t know Frisain was an official langauage!


  7. Thanks for a very informative post Andrew! Slipped up on ‘Frisain’ too 🙂


  8. Great post, Andrew! Holland is indeed the unofficial name and precisely refers to the two provinces of North Holland and South Holland. The province of North Holland has Amsterdam for its capital while South Holland has The Hague (or Den Haag). 😉


  9. This week I’ve asked the teacher of a writing course I’m taking about the/The Netherlands issue and according to him, its “The Netherlands”. However, the EU style guide says its “the Netherlands” and anyway just “Netherlands” is sufficient, since you also don’t say you went to “the France”. It is rather confusing. But I’m pretty sure Switzerland is in no way a “Low Country” (which is what Netherlands means) 🙂
    Hope you’ll get to Keukenhof next time, its amazingly colourful.


  10. This world cup is confusing me now – everyone is calling the Netherlands “Holland”!


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