Tulips to Amsterdam, Canal Cruise and the Anne Frank House

Amsterdam by Delft

The coach driver ran through a well rehearsed list of do’s and don’ts peppered with little quips – my favourite being an instruction not to stand up in the on-board toilet when taking a pee as this results in a waterlogged cubicle and then he settled down for the two hour drive to Amsterdam.

When we arrived he ran through some useful information and he had plenty of time for this because there was a huge traffic jam all along the main roads of Rokin and Damrak and progress was slow to our drop off point at the central railway station.  Before we got off the bus he reminded us that traffic drives on the right hand side of the road in the Netherlands and to be careful getting off or else instead of sightseeing in Amsterdam we would be in hospital instead.

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19 responses to “Tulips to Amsterdam, Canal Cruise and the Anne Frank House

  1. Oh, this is lump in the throat stuff! How have I never managed to make Amsterdam when it’s just across the water? Belated New Years resolution.


  2. Hi,
    I didn’t know that Amsterdam was known as the Venice of the north, but your picture certainly shows why. What a beautiful place it must be.


  3. The final shot seems simple UNTIL you realize that it’s where Anne Frank lived and then it becomes chilling when you remember the agonizing story behind it.


  4. Another good piece Andrew. If visiting Amsterdam the Anne Frank house is a must and yes a very emotional experience. My daughter visited Amsterdam in February and she was walking on the frozen canals so no boat trip for her!

    I believe that Eurostar now has a connection to Amsterdam from London although it involves a change at Brussels


    • Thanks for the tip Brian. Eurostar is rather inconvenient if you live in the north but the P&O ferry from Hull is perfect. I have just checked prices for May and the cost is £119 for two nights for two people!


  5. Love Amsterdam. My favorite place to visit is the van Gogh museum.


  6. I agree with flamidwyfe, the van Gogh museum is one of Europe’s best and certainly worth a visit.


  7. Another informative post, Andrew. I especially like the first photo. It looks surreal.


  8. A visit to the Anne Frank home is definitely quite a moving experience; I still remember how I felt tiptoeing through the hidden doorway ten years ago, then looking out the attic windows and imagining what Anne and her family must have seen during their years in hiding.


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  10. Hi Andrew! I’ve tagged you for Easyjet’s Inspiration to Travel comp. It’s good publicity for them of course, but quite interesting to do?


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