Tulips to Amsterdam, The Red Light District and an Argentinean Steak Restaurant

Amsterdam the Netherlands

The weather just kept on improving and when we left the Anne Frank house there was a clear sky and bright sunshine so we continued our ponderous stroll along the canals working our way south and east as we followed the canal ring and looped around the southern end of the old town.  Eventually the girls declared that they had seen enough water for one day and they might like to see some shops instead so reluctantly (I’m not much of a shopper myself) I plotted a route back towards Dam Square through a busy shopping area.

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20 responses to “Tulips to Amsterdam, The Red Light District and an Argentinean Steak Restaurant

  1. Too cute.The devil made me do it. Memory is sometimes elusive.

    ‘as the others mocked me my face went as red as a brothel lamp – I had been so certain!’

    Love it. It’s so Human!


  2. According to the stat counter I’m your 300,000th visitor, Andrew. Do I win an iPad2?

    Great to read your take on my favourite city on the planet, though you used up our year’s supply of good weather. It’s cold and grey today, but we’ll get out on the bikes anyway.


  3. I was a bit surprised to discover bikes didn’t have brakes. Trouble was, I was on one, and heading around a corner for a canal when I found this out 😦 It amazed how incredibly fast Dutch people can back pedal. Don’t know why they don’t just put brakes on bikes instead.


    • I think that the most effective way to stop was to drag your toe over the tarmac like we used to when we were kids, but then again that did always involve a telling off later from parents for ruining our shoes!


  4. Hi,
    The road lights sound confusing, it seems luck was on your side that day.
    That is a lot of bikes riding around, you would need your wits about you at all times there it seems.

    I had a bit of a smile about the restaurant, but obviously you were meant to go there, as you said the food was excellent. 😀

    Oh and I love the photo of the clogs, I didn’t realize that they painted them like that, they look really nice.


  5. I love the colorfully painted wooden shoes!


  6. Another place I can’t wait to see…wish I had more vacation time…like 365 days a year. That sounds nice.


  7. You and I both, Andrew. [From your other post] I’m confused on where Amsterdam is exactly located.

    And the thing that makes it really confusing are the stores that shows very are Holland in nature… just like your picture.

    How I love to look at those tilted house. One of the reasons that makes Amsterdam such a fascinating place.


  8. Andrew, I loved reading of your travels through Amsterdam and especially seeing the photos. It makes me want to go there!!


  9. Loved Amsterdam, the bikes were crazy and everywhere, the food was incredible.


  10. Nearest I’ve been is Schipol Airport I’m afraid, Andrew, but this is an excellent plug for a beautiful and interesting city. Excellent post.


  11. Lovely story. Are you sure it was beef nit horse?


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