Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Sólfar Suncraft, Reykjavik

It was only a short walk to the seafront and we found our way to the promenade and walked along to the Sólfar Suncraft, which is a stainless steel 1986 sculpture of a Viking long boat that occupies an impressive spot overlooking the bay and Mount Esja on the other side.  Iceland is proud of its Viking heritage because the country was first colonised by Norwegians in the ninth century and the first permanent settler was a man called Ingólfur Arnarson who landed here in 871 and named the location Reykjavik, which means smoky bay, on account of the plumes of the steam that were coming from the nearby hot springs.

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Norway, Haugesund and the Minnesota Vikings

3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. Striking shot Andrew!


  2. Hi,
    A fantastic photo, so unusual.
    I have done a lot of reading on the vikings around Greenland/Iceland very fascinating history.


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