Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

It was getting late when we arrived Þingvellir and although the sun was poking through again the light was beginning to fade on the site of the historic Icelandic National Assembly that was set up in 930 and remains the spiritual home of Iceland.  There were few visitors and the site had an eerie beauty, ringed by mountains with deep lava chasms, cobalt rocks and water falls with impatient water cascading down the black boulders and shattering into a thousand droplets of fine mist as it collided with the unforgiving rocks.

On 17th June 1944 thousands of Icelanders flocked to this place for the historic foundation of the modern independent republic of Iceland.  We walked past great fissures in the landscape, the famous Almannagjá is the biggest of them, and is evidence that here the tectonic plates of Europe and America meet and are in continual conflict as they are drifting slowly apart.

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

  1. Lovely – a fall of mist!


  2. Hi,
    A nice photo, and some very interesting information as well.


  3. another place on the list. Want to do the highway around the island, I hear it is phenomenal.


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