Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Germany Triberg Cuckoo Clock

Triberg is the cuckoo clock capital of the forest and the main street was full on both sides of tourist shops selling Black Forest souvenirs and traditional crafts including the famous clocks.  Although the idea of placing a bird in a decorated wooden box did not originate in the Black Forest the cuckoo clock as we know it today comes from this region located in southwest Germany whose tradition of clock making started in the late seventeenth century.

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. Dubrovniklady

    Andrew, your creativity is inspirational.


  2. Nice pic. The tale is good too, although I was waiting for a photo of the tallest waterfall too. Cuckoo clocks are a bit twee for my taste so I wouldn’t have bought one either.


  3. Very nice. I bought a cuckoo clock years back from the Black Forest – took me a long time to get a replacement when the old one stopped working 😦


  4. http://www.cuckooclockssite.com is a site that sells black forest cuckoo clocks


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