Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Sigulda Latvia

Today we were going to Sigulda, a tourist must see town, about an hours mini-bus ride away from the city.  It was still raining when we woke up, which was a disappointment but after breakfast we all set off nicely refreshed after a good nights sleep.

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6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. Ha! Good photo for summer. Think we had a few drops of rain one year in summer here in Spain and we all wandered out to experience the strange occurence.


    • I think you are exaggerating! I have been rained on in Spain. Interesting though that the mind blocks out bad experiences, disappointment and pain and moves good things to the top of our memory lists.


      • I am not! There is not a lot of rain/if any in coastal Andalucía where we live in summer. So there 🙂


      • Even though I am happy to take your word for it just to be certain I have checked and you are correct! http://www.kyero.com/weather/55531-andalucia-weather


      • LOL!! You also have to take into account what a large communidad it is with such a variety of different scenery and within each different provincia there are an awful lot of micro-climates. Torrox Costa claims to have the best climate in Europe (!). Our village seems to have its own too. It can be raining either side of us a few miles away and the rain clouds skim gaily over us 😀
        If you want to check some more rainfall stats, while Andalucia may have no rain in summer, one of the mountain areas is meant to be the wettest place in Spain. Not sure if it is Montes de Malaga or one of the ranges to the west.


      • I’ll check later – right now I am off to work. Groan!


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