Russia, Saint-Petersburg and Nevsky Prospekt

St Savior Church on Spilled Blood Saint-Petersburg

After an acceptable but not exceptional buffet dinner it was time to go exploring and we planned to make our way into the city.  The hotel was some way from the centre on the very western shore of Vasilievsky Island so this adventure required transport and we started with a mini-bus ride to the Metro station Primorskaya where we purchased tokens for the ride and began a steep descent from street level to the trains.

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18 responses to “Russia, Saint-Petersburg and Nevsky Prospekt

  1. Great shots of the domes:)


  2. Now I am sulking..I want to go and see it for myself! Lovely pictures and some good memories


  3. Andrew,
    Thanks for your evocative account of St Petersburg. You have given me the itch to go there again!


  4. I’m loving this segment. I’ve always wanted to see St Petersburg.


  5. I’ve always been curious, while at the same time, a little afraid of Russia. Perhaps one day, we’ll visit.


  6. Love the colors in the fancy-schmancy castle tops!


  7. neat post Andrew. Russia is very high on my bucket list. We saw a church exactly like this, though not as grand, in Nice.


  8. I love those long escalators and other underground transportations in Europe. You hit the nail with this one, being such a very very long one. It oughtta be a must-experience travel transportation.


  9. jackandmarilynerickson

    Wonderful to see your photos and read about your first day in ‘Peter.’ I hope you have time for the Peter & Paul Fortress and the Hermitage. There are long lines to get into the Hermitage and always crowds milling from room to room. It takes a full day to see all of the rooms. And only two small kiosks for tea and biscuits.
    Any plans to take a riverboat cruise on the Neva?


  10. An excellent post which has inspired me to search the attic for my St Petersburg photo album! (pre-digital)


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