Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Sleeping it off together…

Spotted in Saint-Petersburg – two men sleeping off a heavy lunchtime session on the booze!

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. Andrew,
    Until now, I had thought it impossible to hold you in higher esteem than I currently do.
    But no, let me now please SALUTE you for your remarkable candour.
    For nobody on earth will move me from my unshakeable conviction that the man on our right of the picture is clearly yourself.
    I trust you will bring home a supply of this Siberian Crown beer when you step on the plane at Sheremetyevo Airport (or Domodedovo, which ever your tour group will use)
    Still nice to see the Greek sun-worshipper in you, get your daily dose of sunlight!
    I jest of course.
    (Well, on the “Greek sun-worshipper” bit. But not on my fervent belief that this is you in the picture!)
    Dear casual readers of this blog: please look at the evidence. Compare the two pictures above, just a few inches apart on your screen. Clearly one and the same.
    I put it to you Mr Petcher that you are actually a KGB agent who has infiltrated the UK system! Indeed, you were in the smoke-filled corridors of power of South Holland Council until your spymaster decided to pull you out as there was a very serious possibility of MI5 unmasking you.
    They decided to send you somewhere that nobody would possibly think of finding you. The KGB first considered the remote cottage in the Brecon Beacons that had hidden Salman Rushdie from the incandescent Ayatollah, then settled on GRIMSBY, as perhaps being even more remote.
    Love and Peace,


  2. Well spotted Dai and the man on the left is the coach driver just sobering up a little before taking us all back to the hotel!


  3. Now THAT is a real life picture..wonderful


  4. True friendship indeed! Sadly it looks to fulfill the stereotype.


  5. Interesting, illustrative, alarming and candid. Love this shot, Andrew.


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