Russia, Sightseeing Tour of Saint-Petersburg

Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg

The next morning we slept in but luckily there was a late start so after a rushed buffet breakfast we were back in hotel reception and gathering with the group ready for the introductory guided tour of Saint-Petersburg.

The coach arrived and after we had all selected our preferred seats the driver edged the bus into the long queue of late rush hour traffic. Actually, as it turned out it was always rush hour in Saint-Petersburg and despite the generously wide streets the roads were continuously congested.

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11 responses to “Russia, Sightseeing Tour of Saint-Petersburg

  1. I’m thinking about organizing a tour for students to St. Petersburg and Moscow next summer, so this is really informative and interesting! I think the tour would have more time on foot rather than by coach.

    “Uncle Joe” was pretty trigger-happy.


  2. You really are happier being a DIY man eh Andrew? But maybe going ‘coach’ only goes to prove that it is better on your own…but I think that you enjoyed 99%..the bit you did not enjoy was because I was not there…


  3. I was so looking forward to reading this and all the glorious photos. Maybe later in the week?


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  5. It would’ve been better if you could take a walk on your own. Coach tours in Russia can end up in ridiculously boring areas! If ever possible, visit the Hermitage on your own – If I recall correctly, they have a week/month pass so get that and walk around as you please without worrying about catching the coach!


  6. jackandmarilynerickson

    Tour buses tend to be a tourist trap whatever you visit but they’re notorious in Russia which is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Police take bribes on the street, arresting people for minor offenses then waiting for them to pay them off. We saw a police car near St. Petersburg University parked with a traffic cop waving cars to take a side street. When they did, they are given a ticket and had to pay a bribe before they got their drivers license back. All in bright daylight.
    More prepared travelers should consult a guidebook before they arrive and plan their own tour. Most sites in St. Petersburg can be reached by walking along the Neva or Nevsky Prospket. Buses are cheap, metro tends to be very crowded.
    If you’re included to DIY, plan your day and spend as much time as you like at the Hermitage, Peter Paul Fortress, St. Isaac’s, and the Kazan Cathedral. Tours rush you through major sites to get on the next bus.
    If you plan tours yourself, you’re also more likely to meet Russians who are usually courteous and pleased to help you. And they can practice their English. You don’t even have to look for them, they’ll spot you first.
    But once again . . . beware of sharks looking to separate your from your cash.


    • Thanks Jack – great advice. This tour was included in the price of our holiday and was supposed to be a familiarisation trip so it was worth going on it so that we could decide where we would like to go for ourselves later on.


  7. Forget about St.Petersburg! Lake Baikal is where you should go! A few minutes ago, I made this photo post about it Tell me what you think 🙂


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