Russia, Saint-Petersburg and the Venice of the North

Palace Courtyard Saint-Petersburg

After dinner we left the hotel again and used the mini-bus service to get to the Metro station and then we took the short trip to Nevsky Prospekt for the second time.  It was still warm and the sky remained cloudless and blue as we walked west to the Kazan Cathedral and at a statue of the Russian Field Marshal Kutusov who helped defeat Napoleon in 1812 we turned to walk along the Griboedov Canal this time in the opposite direction and we followed the granite walls of the waterway away from the busy Prospekt.

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9 responses to “Russia, Saint-Petersburg and the Venice of the North

  1. I’ve noticed that your pictures are often quite tipsy. 😉


  2. Fascinating, Andrew. Always fancied making a trip.


  3. We’re doing our plans for travel next year, Peter. We might just include Moscow. After all, we’ll be somewhere not too far with friends. We have planned to start in Venice and end up in Prague. But maybe we’ll extend to Moscow. Summer 2013


  4. More bridges please? That one looked very tempting.


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