Russia, Saint-Petersburg to Peterhof

Kirov Statue

The driver was in a particularly impatient mood this morning and he constantly switched lanes in a rather pointless objective of finding the quickest running line and although he sometimes temporarily gained a few metres this was always ultimately unsuccessful.

It was clear however that he wasn’t prepared to sit around in the traffic jams and he began a quest to find a short-cut through the side streets which fifteen minutes later our guide, Anna, declared to be a stunning success as we crossed the bottle-neck bridge across the River Neva and gradually began to make improved progress as we headed south and west out of the city.

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7 responses to “Russia, Saint-Petersburg to Peterhof

  1. Travel and history combined. You do it well.


  2. The photo is great and needless to say I love what you write about Russia’s history within your travels. Thanks for sharing your trip!


  3. jackandmarilynerickson

    Harrison Salisbury, New York Times reporter, wrote the best history about the siege of Leningrad, “900 Days.” Highly recommend it to understand the damage done to the city from heart artillery and the three years of starvation suffered by residents.
    An excellent novel, “Madonna’s of Leningrad” captures the despair and perseverance of those who suffered the siege.


  4. km4lerferanab1981

    Reblogged this on Brandon Veeder Blogs.


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