Russia, Saint-Petersburg Canal Boat Ride and a Crisis!

Saint Petersburg Canal Boat Tour

The boat was just about to cast off and leave so we quickly paid for our tickets and joined about twenty fellow passengers on the open deck at the rear. Some of them were wrapped in complimentary blankets and Kim asked for a couple but I thought this was rather unnecessary as it was pleasantly warm sitting in the golden glow of the sunshine in the shelter of the adjacent buildings.

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14 responses to “Russia, Saint-Petersburg Canal Boat Ride and a Crisis!

  1. Andrew,
    Heartening to read your story of the lost bag.
    All I can say is that no such luck has ever come my way.
    My several lost wallets/credit cards down the years have never re-materialised. One had over £300 in it, as well as cards, driving licence etc (all needing replacing, at a hefty additional cost in the case of the driving licence).
    Mind you, they were all lost in BRITAIN … not Russia.
    Maybe that should tell me something!
    Kindest, as usual,


  2. Such honesty ….is few and far between nowadays. it is good to know that there are some people left on this earth that do hand in lost property


  3. Good job, Andrew!! Sounds like a crazy day! I can’t believe you recovered the bag… 🙂


  4. Once you see the hotel bar bill, you’ll probably wish you hadn’t found the phone.!!


  5. Whew, very very lucky!


  6. All’s well that ends well!


  7. jackandmarilynerickson

    Did you make it to the Hermitage? I hope so.
    Back in the ’70’s I spent a summer studying at Leningrad State University in an exchange group. Our dorm was directly across the Neva River from the Hermitage. Every morning we walked out to go to class, we’d see the pale green Hermitage shining in the morning sun. I’ll never forget that view . . .


  8. Excellent post Andrew and Kim is one lucky lady! Margaret and I did this same canal cruise a few years ago, it was a tour from a cruise ship. It happened to be the best day of our cruise both weather and sightseeing wise. St. Petersberg is a beautiful city with an immensley interesting pasty and gorgeous buildings. During the canal cruise, a young Russian boy appeared on one bridge and waved to the boat. Then we saw him again at the next bridge, waving to us all. It was then that we all realised that he was running along the edge of the canal, racing to get to the next bridge before the boat did. He continued to do this all the way to the cruise finish line. No doubt, he was well rewarded by the passengers at the end. It made a nice addendum to the trip.


  9. You tell a good story Andrew. I too am pleasantly surprised to learn that you found the bag with the phone!
    Were you the one and only hardy passenger still sitting outside without a blanket?


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