Russia, Saint-Petersburg Best Bridges Walk

The Eygptian Sphinx Saint Petersburg

We left the Hermitage by the front door and at two o’clock it was hot on the banks of the River Neva so as we had been on our feet for nearly four hours we found a kiosk in a park next to the Museum and drank some reasonably priced local beer called Baltika (Second largest brewery in Europe after Heineken) and planned our afternoon.

Now it was time to resurrect Kim’s plan to see the best of the City bridges but an examination of the map confirmed that this a was rather ambitious project so we decided to set off and just see how far we could get in a short afternoon.

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3 responses to “Russia, Saint-Petersburg Best Bridges Walk

  1. That last photo is just what the flats in Bulgaria look like


  2. I would’ve been game to shimmy up the Cathedral dome in the interests of a fine view! Hoping to cross a few bridges in Wroclaw in 3 weeks. Currently trying NOT to watch England play dubious football.


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