Russia, Saint-Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg

This was our final day in Saint-Petersburg and we were planning to set our own itinerary and despite the alarmist stories of ten kilometre long queues at the Hermitage this was where we were going to start first.

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13 responses to “Russia, Saint-Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum

  1. If you can find it, there’s a marvelous Russian film that features some 30 rooms of the Hermitage:


  2. beautiful architecture


  3. Glad to hear the lines were not miles long as threatened!


  4. Shame you were right! My housekeeping’s done too now. Cheering for Portugal from here on.


  5. I don’t think I’ll be going to Russia in the near future so I must thank you for taking us with you through the Hermitage. I’ve heard stories about it being as large as a little city so I can imagine that it’s a challenge to find your way around the place. You didn’t mention whether there are signs in English but I assume there must be or you’d still be wandering the halls.


  6. Glad you’ve enjoyed SPB. Are you off to Moscow now ? hope it is as enjoyable.


  7. jackandmarilynerickson

    Wonderful post, Andrew. Brought back a lot of memories. As I think I mentioned before, when I was a grad / exchange student in Leningrad back in the ’70’s, our foreign dorm was arose the Neva River from the Hermitage. We was it every morning when we left for the cafeteria for breakfast and class.
    I’d also recommend reading “Madonnas of Leningrad”, a wonderful story of Hermitage employees who lived in the Hermitage during the blockade and all their sacrifices to save the art.


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