Russia, Midnight Train to Moscow

Saint Petersburg Midnight Train to Moscow

Transport eventually arrived at ten o’clock but fitting all of the luggage into the small coach proved more difficult than cracking the Rubik’s Cube Puzzle.

For Kim and I, who only ever travel with cabin baggage, the size and quantity of our fellow travellers bags and suitcases was simply jaw-dropping, we were only away for a week but there was more luggage here than would be needed for a six month polar expedition; I doubt David Livingstone took as much as this when he went searching for the source of the Nile; more bags even than you would expect to find in the average suitcase department of a High street department store.

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9 responses to “Russia, Midnight Train to Moscow

  1. what a way to travel..that’s the way to do it


  2. love night trains and the way they gently rock you to sleep


  3. When we went with Jules Verne we travelled on the Sapsan Express train from st Petersburg to Moscow, took about four hours and we had our own armed guard! You don’t get that on the East coast up to Edinburgh!


  4. Sounds like fun!


  5. thanks for the great read!!


  6. After our luxury train trip though India we’re looking for more grand rail adventures. This could go on the to-do list – or do you have other recommendations?


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