Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Dash for an early morning ferry from Koufonisia

It was still dark when we made our way down to the harbour and joined a line of passengers flocking onto the Blue Star Paros and we made our way to the partially covered seating area on the top deck of the boat.  As we watched from the deck rail we watched what resembled a sort of Pied Piper activity as people emerged from rooms and spilled out of little side streets all heading in the same direction and making their way to the boat.

It left on time and slipped out of Katapola into a surprisingly rough sea and as the sun rose behind us the wind whipped up the waves and sent them high enough to crash over the sides of the top deck, the ferry lurched alarmingly from side to side, the Greek flag was cracking like a whip in the wind as though trying to detach itself from its pole and we were rather glad that this was only a forty-five minute journey.  The Blue Star arrived in Koufonisia on time and it was a bit of a concern to us that there was a large crowd at the ferry terminus because it seemed as though everyone was leaving the island just as we were arriving.  Did they know something we didn’t?

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

  1. the last line sums it all up:
    “it seemed as though everyone was leaving the island just as we were arriving. Did they know something we didn’t?”
    When you saw everyone leaving I’m sure it gave you feelings of panic because you don’t speak the language and you must’ve wondered whether something was going on that made so many people rush for the boat…


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