Russia, Moscow and The Kremlin

Kremlin Postcard

The Kremlin is situated in the very centre of the capital of Russia and the monumental walls and towers, golden-domed cathedrals and ancient palaces all standing high on the Borovitskiy Hill above the Moskva River is inherently symbolic of the Russian State.

Since 1991 it has been the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation and is a potent symbol of two mighty imperial cultures, of medieval Muscovy and of the Soviet Union, the Kremlin is at once fascinating and foreboding, a mixture of lavish opulence and austere secrecy, and inside the heavily guarded walls  its eclectic mix of architecture reflects these paradoxes and seismic cultural shifts that have created this unique place over nearly a thousand years of history.

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One response to “Russia, Moscow and The Kremlin

  1. Nice write-up on my hometown! (did I just call Moscow a town? 🙂 )


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