Russia, Josef Stalin – Despot and Visionary

Josef Stalin

It was our last full day in Russia and Moscow so we wanted to make the most of it and got up early, had a quick breakfast and then made our way to the Metro station where we took the line to the centre of the city and arrived at Novokuznetskaya which was opened in 1943 and honours the Soviet Armed Forces.

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7 responses to “Russia, Josef Stalin – Despot and Visionary

  1. I was barely nine years old when he died, but I still remember my grandmother rejoicing at his demise. I suppose he was a major factor in our settling in the USA. He was definitely a monster and far worse than any Hitler for quite a few folks.


  2. Also disturbing to think that Stalin had rather a lot of assistants in his endeavours, as of course did Hitler, Pol Pot, Atilla the Hun…

    And I don’t quite understand why Napoleon is thought to have done such a good job for France.


  3. Just as well that building didn’t happen. Looks appalling.


  4. What an amazing journey you’ve had! I do envy you, Andrew.
    On the other hand- what is it about the human race that throws up these intolerant monsters? Is it just that the rest of us are apathetic and give them full reign?


  5. jackandmarilynerickson

    Simon Sebag Montefiore wrote “Young Stalin” a few years ago about Stalin’s early years growing up in Georgia, his years in the seminary where he sang in the choir and began organizing malcontents who became his band of thugs, bank robbers, assassins, and deviants who bank roled Lenin’s Bolsheviks in the early years.
    Montefiore interviewed Georgian who knew Iosef and had access to diaries, prison records, and Tsarist police files that chronicle how treacherous and dangerous he was as a young thug. A chilling biography that foretells how evil he would become.


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