Russia, Caviar, Millionaires and Paupers

GUM Moscow

Red Square is a place that I think I would find difficult to tire of and we walked through Resurrection Gate and in the shadow of the red brick history museum looked down and marvelled again at the multi-coloured domes of St. Basil’s, at the granite blocks of the Lenin Mausoleum on one side and the cream facade of GUM shopping arcade on the other.

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4 responses to “Russia, Caviar, Millionaires and Paupers

  1. I love this, you’ve even changed the site header picture! Brings a smile to a bad day. Thanks Andrew! 🙂


  2. Gosh. Somewhere more expensive than London? Not even in the top three? 😦

    You’ve made a very good argument in support of communism in this post, I might point out.


  3. Are the sites as beautiful as the photos you show us?

    Yes, caviar is amazing. A little bubbly, some blinis, and all other enhancements….


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