Corfu 1984, George’s Boat and Water Skiing

Sidari Corfu

“Other countries may offer you discoveries in manners or lore or landscape; Greece offers you something harder – the discovery of yourself”             Lawrence Durrell – ‘Prospero’s Cell’

After three days we returned the car and went back to the routine of the first week with long days around the swimming pool, sunset drinks on the hotel terrace and seeking out different tavernas for evening meals.  Some days when we tired of the pool we visited the scruffy beach which was across a busy main road and through a gloomy underpass, which we rarely used, preferring instead to take our chances against the traffic.

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One response to “Corfu 1984, George’s Boat and Water Skiing

  1. George’s boat is still running and your cherished moments are still fresh and brilliantly presented ! A nice introductory post before you start posting your new experiences from the island of Faiakon.


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