Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Folegandros Cat on a Purple Door

This cat was trying to find a way inside by jumping up the door and looking for an open window.  He tried it several times but the window was closed.  I thought cats were cleverer than that!

One thing for sure is that Greece has more than its fair share of cats and it is almost impossible to have a meal at a pavement taverna without a feline or two as a dining companion.

Relations between Greek people and cats are different than in the north of Europe as explained by the German photographer Hans Sylvester writing  about the cats of the Cycladic islands:

“These cats, that are domestic cats, are not abandoned, neither wild, they live for centuries with the humans. The Greek people of these islands like them without really liking them, they take care of them without really taking care of them; but they accept them totally. These cats are part of daily life, they’ve always been here, like the wind, the sun, the sea, the day and the night.”

Les Chats du Soleil, 1993

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

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  2. What a shocking shot.At first look I thought it was painted on the door.
    Poor animal.Seemingly,the hot Greek weather has badly affected it.
    Great timing !


  3. Perfect timing, an nice colour.
    I sure look forward to this year’s trip to Lesvos. I love capturing cats.


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