Corfu, Kalami Bay and Lawrence Durrell’s White House

Corfu Kalami White House Lawrence Durrell

“Other countries may offer you discoveries in manners or lore or landscape; Greece offers you something harder – the discovery of yourself”             Lawrence Durrell – ‘Prospero’s Cell’

Some claim that Corfu is a Shakespearian island and the setting for what scholars believe to be his final play ‘The Tempest’ and the path took us through an olive grove with gnarled black trunks each with a knotted witch hiding in the branches and it was all rather like walking through Act 4, Scene 1 of Macbeth.

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13 responses to “Corfu, Kalami Bay and Lawrence Durrell’s White House

  1. Your description is getting downright poetic here. The meals sound devine, too. Another wonderful vicarious adventure!


  2. Yes, I liked the poetry…’pasty legged new arrivals’…? Meaning not yet tanned, or fatty, unhealthy and filled with unidentifiable Cornish substances? Either way I like it!


  3. We have never been there but is sounds very inviting and lovely pictures…maybe we should give it a try


  4. Andrew, is there a ship from Corfu to some city near Meteora, where we can rent a car and drive to Meteora?


  5. Is there a rent-a-car company in Igoumenitsa?


  6. angela papageorgiou

    I live in Corfu Andrew – have done for forty years now! Loved your well-written, sympathetic articles about my beloved island.


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