Corfu, Big Bug Hunting and Routine

Kalami Corfu Greece

“The Greek Earth opens before me like the Book of Revelations….The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being.” Henry Miller – ‘The Colossus of Maroussi’

It was my own fault for not checking before booking but the only thing that let the accommodation down was the lack of air-conditioning that we have all become used to which meant having to use excessive quantities of mosquito repellent before going to bed, a couple of electric plug-ins by the bed side and sleeping with the balcony windows open which was quite safe because we were on the third floor of a cliff face but this of course didn’t stop flying things from dropping by to join us.

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7 responses to “Corfu, Big Bug Hunting and Routine

  1. Great post, Andrew. Around the city of Toledo there are estates or fincas called Cigarrales, presumably called that because cigarras or cicadas live in all the trees and bushes. Once I stayed at one and heard their very memorable concert (or din) in the heat of the day. In Seville they say the cicadas sing when it gets really hot.


  2. Sounds like a lovelymtrip, minus the scary insects.


  3. You approach this so matter-of-factly. I may not have.


  4. Cicadas are the sound of summer here DownUnder and finding their brown shells stuck on trees is a popular child-friendly activity. We love them!

    We’re off to the beach next week – I feel a driftwood project coming on.


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