Corfu, Boat Ride to Kerkyra

Corfu Old Town

“The architecture of the town is Venetian; the houses above the old port are built up elegantly into slim tiers with narrow alleys and colonnades running between them; red, yellow, pink, umber – a jumble of pastel shades which the moonlight transforms into a dazzling white city…”                                          Lawrence Durrell –“Prospero’s Cell”.

Travelling to Corfu town by speed boat seemed a much preferable option than taking the long tedious journey by bus all around the bay because even though it was rather expensive (€18 each but both children free) it only took twenty minutes.

The boat bounced over the gentle waves and we looked unsuccessfully for dolphins as the direct route to Corfu town bypassed all of the holiday resorts that punctuate the horseshoe bay and then we passed the monstrous cruise ships in the harbour and shortly after that disembarked at a small jetty quite close to the old fortress.

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8 responses to “Corfu, Boat Ride to Kerkyra

  1. I shall make a point of sitting in the right place so I get soaked next boat ride, Andrew. I’ll probably only get handed a towel though.


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  3. I was soooo pleased to hear the old cricket ground has survived as a green space at the edge of the old city. I have such fond memories of an amusing incident when my ex and I were there in 1976, parked in our VW van at the edge of the green. For me it was a bit nostalgic, to be watching cricket, and a little incongruous that the game was being played out here with all the usual traditions – the whites, the claps, good shots, etc. The spinners, I remember, were particularly effective. All of a sudden, a short chubby fellow in the outfield toward us was galvanised by the unexpected appearance of a ball in his direction, diving for all he was worth to try to make the catch … when he stood up his gear was a little the worse for wear – sporting a vivid tear across his backside. What to do but call him over and offer safety pins? We all had a bit of a laugh, effected temporary repairs, then the game continued without further incident – a glorious autumn afternoon I’ll remember all my life.


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