Corfu, Reflection and Assessment

Corfu Greece Kalami

“No other spot on earth can be fuller of beauty and of variety of beauty” Edward Lear.

A week that started slowly with endless days of sunshine spent on an idyllic blue flag beach suddenly gathered pace in the final two days and they seemed to slip through our fingers with astonishing speed that we couldn’t decelerate until it was almost time to pack and return home and this was my opportunity to reflect and assess.

I had visited Corfu almost thirty years ago but although on that occasion I toured the island from north to south and from east to west I came as a holidaymaker rather than a traveller and I saw everything but didn’t see anything.

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8 responses to “Corfu, Reflection and Assessment

  1. I liked Corfu for all the reasons you said, I do think Corfu town is a gem and so strange to see that cricket pitch in the city. But there are lots of other beautiful places all over the island. We went to Kassiopi which my partner had been to what 20 years ? before and he didn’t seem to think that had changed much either. If I find the pic I’ll scan it in.


    • Comparing it with my old pictures from 1984 I thought everywhere seemed tidier – must be all that EU improvement money.
      More drivel on FP today, especially the tequila cocktail recipe! – have you looked?


      • Nope! I don’t read FP as a rule – only when someone directs my attention to it. I did get a reply on The DP though – about how WP stand by their crap choices! (they didn’t word it quite like that).


      • OK, now I’ve looked. Um. I think words fail me.

        I did read back a post and noticed that as a vegetarian she had enjoyed a lobster bloody mary! Bizarre combination, I’m surprised that didn’t get freshly pressed, sounds pretty unique (and awful) to me.


  2. angela papageorgiou

    Loved this – it led me top read many more of your articles – I have done so many of those Greek island journeys, way back in the Sixties – happy memories!


  3. I only ever got to Athens, not made it to the islands yet, but I’m sure I’ll remedy that over the next few years. I did enjoy the sense of history, walking around the Plaka district and looking at buildings that could easily have been there 2000 years ago.


  4. I promise to make it there one day, Andrew!


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