A Life in Ruins – Roman Amphitheatre at Pula, Croatia

Pula Croatia

The flights to Pula were an irresistible bargain at only £16 return, which effectively meant that they were being subsidised by Ryanair because we didn’t even have to pay the full Government flight taxes.  Sitting next to us was a couple from Kenilworth who had an impressive capacity for drinks from the sky-bar.  They loaded up with beers and whiskey on its first pass down the aisle and they restocked when it returned back the other way.  I like a gin and tonic to help pass the flight but I couldn’t possibly compete with these two heavyweight boozers.

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5 responses to “A Life in Ruins – Roman Amphitheatre at Pula, Croatia

  1. Ryanair actually doing something for it’s customers…that is unbelievable
    Also £16…that was a bargain…surely that did not include hotel? What a great visit that was..maybe one day i shall follow in the footsteps of that`great traveller Andrew Petcher and gaze in wonder of all that he has seen !!!!!


  2. Hi Andrew, was there in Pula many years ago (Yugo-days). Amphitheatre was the highlight, wasn’t over imressed with Pula in general and made a bee-line for Rovinj! Enjoyed Croatia/Yugoslavia back then but haven’t been back since.


  3. I liked Pula – we stayed in an apartment about 50 metres from the arena. The night we left Elton John played a gig in it – glad we were out of the country by then!


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